Passionate founders aim to cultivate the highest quality Rhodiola rosea–while bringing natural, healthy, and positive energy to over 1M people.


WHITEHORSE (Yukon Territory), December 1, 2021 – Siblings, Lauren Blackburn, and Craig Blackburn, announced today the launch of Wilderland Botanicals, Canada’s first regenerative organic Rhodiola rosea farm and natural healthcare product brand. Wilderland Botanicals is a re-imagined, one-of-a-kind, seed-to-bottle botanical farm and healthcare product supplier with big aspirations to set new standards in both the farming and natural healthcare product categories. The Yukon-based farm’s focus on soil health and regenerative cultivation will help fill the growing global demand by being North America’s premier supplier of ethically farmed Rhodiola.

Rhodiola rosea, is an adaptogenic herb medically proven to reduce stress, combat fatigue, and increase mental performance, while improving resilience, and both mental and physical stamina. With mental health issues at the forefront of everyday life under the burden of COVID19–especially in Canada’s North, the relevance of a crop addressing mental well-being has never been more crucial. 

Lauren Blackburn, Wilderland Botanicals Chief Flower Officer

While the Wilderland Botanicals brand is young, it is built on a strong foundation of experience. Lauren Blackburn, Wilderland’s Chief Flower Officer, and co-founder began using regenerative cultivation practices, growing Rhodiola rosea, and tincturing in 2010. After a decade of running test plots and optimizing the herb’s growth, Blackburn is now transforming her years of learning and wisdom to create the purest, most ethically grown health-boosting herbs available.

We wanted to create natural healthcare products that connect our customers' healing with the planet,” said Blackburn. “We believe it’s something we need now more than ever.”

Wilderland Botanicals has a vision of improving the well-being of one million people with its health-boosting herbs. It makes its December debut releasing five unique and powerful herbal tinctures to the public for purchase on Those interested in learning more about the unique farm and its products can do so on social media @wilderland.botanicals

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About Wilderland Botanicals

Wilderland Botanicals is a Rhodiola rosea farm with a vision to improve the well-being of 1 million people worldwide with its 100% regeneratively grown organic botanicals. Specializing in health and immunity-boosting herbs, Wilderland’s Circumpolar boreal location is strategically positioned North of the 60th Parallel. The unique combination of altitude, latitude, and longitude make it one of the most ideal places on the planet to grow Rhodiola rosea and other native botanicals. Follow the brand online at

Wilderland Botanicals Media Contact:
Craig Blackburn,
Chief of Brand & Community

Wilderland Botanicals
Instagram: @wilderland.botanicals
Facebook: @wilderland.botanicals

About Rhodiola rosea

Currently, the majority of the world’s Rhodiola rosea supply is obtained by harvesting natural populations in the Altai area of South Siberia (Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia). This practice is known as wildcrafting. Due to limited natural supply, extensive over-harvesting occurs and these natural populations of Rhodiola are in serious threat. Now under strict regulation, Rhodiola rosea is on the IUCN European ‘Red List’ of threatened species.

About Regenerative Agriculture

At its purest, regenerative agriculture is a lifestyle and farming methodology designed to create and enhance life within a farm’s ecosystem. This dynamic and holistic approach to agriculture, incorporates permaculture and organic farming practices–resulting in healthy soil capable of producing high-quality, nutrient-dense crops; while improving the land, and securing a balanced and biodiverse farm ecosystem.

The loss of Earth’s fertile soil and biodiversity pose a serious threat to our planets soil health. Through many standard agricultural practices, soil is being polluted and decarbonized resulting in mass land desertification and erosion. It is estimated over 12 million hectares of productive land become barren every year. At this rate of soil destruction, soil scientists project within 50 years we will no longer have enough arable topsoil to feed ourselves. In addition, the agricultural and forestry industries account for approximately 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which does not include the transportation of these agricultural and forestry goods. Despite the current conditions of agriculture’s enormous harm to the environment, it also has enormous potential to heal it.

About Wilderland Botanical’s Regenerative Agriculture Practices

As Canada’s first regenerative organic Rhodiola rosea farm and one of the Yukon Territory’s first regenerative farms, Wilderland Botanicals is firmly planting its flag in the regenerative agriculture movement. Wilderland’s regenerative agricultural practices include alley cropping, seed harvesting, minimal tillage, organic manure, cover crop and mycelium application, conversion of farm biomass to biochar, and more–all with the focus on increasing soil health and supporting the local biodiversity of the micro-farm ecosystem. Long-term farm practices to support the local farm ecosystem include natural forms of land stewardship and developing best management strategies around water harvesting and conservation, increased pollinator-supporting floral buffers, and animal habitat creation and conservation.

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