New Sour Cherry tincture crafted to improve sleep quality, reduce post-workout muscle soreness, and speed-up recovery for customers looking to improve athletic performance.

WHITEHORSE (Yukon Territory), October 12, 2022 – Canadian regenerative organic botanical farm and natural health product provider, Wilderland Botanicals announces the arrival of its newest Sour Cherry tincture.

Wilderland Botanicals Sour Cherry Tincture for Sleep Health

Made of 100% organic ingredients, Wilderland's Sour Cherry tincture is for customers who want to improve their sleep health and athletic performance naturally. This new tincture extends Wilderland's line of herbal tinctures, which are all produced in small batches using traditional methods.

"People are looking for natural ways to enhance both their sleep health and athletic performance," said Lauren Blackburn, Wilderland Botanicals Chief Flower Officer."Sour Cherry is one of Nature’s answers. This tincture leverages the power of plants to naturally release and regulate melatonin, improve circulation to reduce muscle soreness, speed up recovery times, and alleviate joint pain.”

For more information on Wilderland Botanicals and their products, visit wilderlandbotanicals.com.

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About Wilderland Botanicals

Wilderland Botanicals is a Rhodiola rosea farm with a vision to improve the well-being of 1 million people worldwide with its 100% regeneratively grown organic botanicals. Specializing in health and immunity-boosting herbs, Wilderland’s Circumpolar boreal location is strategically positioned North of the 60th Parallel. The unique combination of altitude, latitude, and longitude make it one of the most ideal places on the planet to grow Rhodiola rosea and other native botanicals. Follow the brand online at wilderlandbotanicals.com

Wilderland Botanicals Media Contact:
Craig Blackburn,
Chief of Brand & Community
Email: craig@wilderlandbotanicals.com

Wilderland Botanicals
Web: https://wilderlandbotanicals.com
Instagram: @wilderland.botanicals
Facebook: @wilderland.botanicals

About Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can improve sleep quality and duration with its natural release and regulation of melatonin; reduce muscle soreness; improve athletic performance; reduce systolic blood pressure; decrease uric acid; alleviate osteoarthritic and gout-related joint pain; promote brain health; and boost immunity.

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